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Fintech sales hiring in Q4

Author: Lee Harding

Published date: 2018/10

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The rhetoric of seasonal peaks and troughs in recruitment of salespeople is something I have covered in a past article and was written to quell the misbelief that there are good and bad times of the year to look for a job. Data from our almost nine years in business clearly shows that recruitment remains consistent and nothing is more telling that the fact that August, perceived as a dead zone for job hunting, has never fallen below the fifth best month of the year for sales placements. 

This month has already seen a record for the sales desk here at Harrington Starr and we have the luxury of another week and a half to go. Do I attribute this to a Q4 seasonal boom in recruitment? No, not at all. For a while now I have witnessed a market rife with opportunity and a customer base for our vendor clients that have a strong appetite to buy products and solutions.

The salespeople I talk to are earning more than they have in years prior because of the amount of opportunity to sell. Not a single one has yet expressed a concern for Brexit. They are simply too busy. 

This has created a rush within the vendor community to attract and retain the best salespeople and some are succeeding where others are failing. So how does this affect companies looking to hire and how do they maximise the opportunity presented by this thriving marketspace?

To attract good salespeople the proposition needs to be prepared in advance. Why would the best salespeople join your company? If you want to hire a particular person it’s safe to assume that others will want to as well and good salespeople have the benefit of choice at the moment. 

It’s something we can help you with and can provide the insight into how to tailor your process and brand proposition to secure the best people. Supporting our clients in this manner is one of the most rewarding parts of the job and the tangible difference can save time and money.

Feel free to get in touch to discuss this otherwise just think about the message being projected to candidates before and during the interview process and what differentiators you can offer to give yourself the edge over the plethora of companies looking to hire the very same talent at the moment.