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Crypto Winter - the race to the mass use case

Author: Tim Dobie

Published date: 2018/09

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It’s coming up to a year since my first foray into crypto investing when I signed up to Bittrex and bought a load of Ada. It’s been quite a year in the crypto world, we have seen a massive bull market followed by an equally aggressive bear market. 

The consensus now seems to be that we are in a ‘Crypto Winter’ in terms of coin prices, what’s caused it, and how long it will last for, are subjects of quite a bit of debate. Personally, I think now that the ‘hype’ period is over, and prices have dramatically corrected, we are waiting for some of the projects to bear fruit in terms of serious mass adopted use cases before we see dramatic movements in the markets. At that point perhaps, we’ll see some increase dramatically in value to the detriment of others.

There are plenty of technologists in London working on creating those use cases and supporting market infrastructure, DLT and Cryptocurrency related organisations employ easily thousands of people in London nowadays, investment into the sector is still growing, salaries are strong, equity is often on offer and the environments within these businesses are often a breath of fresh air when compared with the financial establishment. They are also solving highly challenging and interesting technical problems.

So, whilst we may be in the midst of what could be a long cryptographic chilly spell, the signs from the sector indicate strongly that it won’t last forever, if for example Charles Hoskinson and his gang at Cardano, etc. can produce a eureka moment with their platform, crypto users and investors will be back in business!