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The Ultimate Fintech Workplace Awards

Author: Elliot Parfitt

Published date: 2018/07

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As you may know, Harrington Starr are putting together a programme trying to find the ULTIMATE FINTECH WORKPLACE – We are still accepting entries so if you believe your company has a culture, environment or ethos to shout about then we have the platform for you.


Recent years have seen a surge in conversations around employee engagement, working environment, and attitudes of employers towards their workforce.

While it is of course an opportunity for our network to show the industry what makes them great, it is also a chance for you to discover what your competitors are doing to keep their staff happy. Widely accepted is the idea that regardless of an exceptional product, a great marketing department and a great corporate strategy, without a workforce who will actively act as ambassadors for your brand you will never attain the status of being a “Great Place to Work”.

The subject is of course hugely subjective, what appeals to one person may prove unsatisfactory to another. 

We are giving you the chance to discover new approaches, tricks of the trade and, on a wider scale, access to a far larger data set on what drives satisfaction across the industry. 

While sleep pods, work when / where you want policies, ping pong tables, dress down, etc. are all nice touches that will certainly appeal to some (and may help you to attract top talent), I suspect that the criteria around an “Ultimate Place to Work” will focus far more on employee engagement.

Again, this is a subjective area however, research among our candidate network would seem to suggest that candidates value a few things above all else:

Challenge – Most people do not enjoy doing what they are good at day after day with nothing to achieve. Do you regularly overcome obstacles? Do you have the opportunity to expand your skillset and learn new things?
Interaction – Can you talk to your boss? Do they have anything interesting / useful to say? Does your team interact in a healthy & productive manner?
Input – Is your opinion canvassed, engaged with and taken on board? Do you have an open forum for input? Can new ideas be suggested?
Reward (again, this means different things to different people so can fall into a few different areas) – financial, recognition, progression, access to perks
Culture – do you want to be in your place of work with your colleagues? Is the culture of your office appropriate for the work you’re expected to do?

We at Harrington Starr are hugely excited to be running this programme and are really looking forward to gaining a better understanding of the FinTech space from a workplace perspective.

I am confident that the survey and following competition will throw up some really interesting information that can hopefully accelerate the FinTech industry forwards to become one of the best industries to work in.

If you wish to be a part of the programme please either get in touch with me directly or follow the link on our website to complete your application.