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A few thoughts on what makes a great employer.

Author: James Baulcomb

Published date: 2018/07

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Facilitate your team’s growth

Encourage people to seek out opportunities and to optimise their potential. As a Boss, you should be coaching employees and helping them to identify and define their individual strengths and aspirations. Create development plans tailored to achieving their goals. You must create an environment of continuous development.

Keep your people informed of the company goals - both short and long term and champion individual and team successes 

One of the many things I appreciate about Harrington Starr is our monthly Town Hall meetings. Hosted by CEO Toby Babb, we all hear directly from the top about progress toward the company’s strategic goals, the financial targets and individual stand-out achievements. We all get to see the rewards that come to those that put the work in and as a company congratulate and recognise them for it. All are encouraged to ask questions to get a good understanding of what the future holds and how we fit into that.

Inspire pride in the company

A great company cultivates pride in its employees and inspires them through their commitment to their involvement in having a positive impact in the space they operate. Good people respond positively to things they can be proud of. A high performing company is obviously something it’s easy to get behind. You can do other things like make charitable donations or host events in support of local causes. 


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