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Siri Will Technology Kill Off Agency Recruitment?

Author: Toby Babb

Published date: 2018/06

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A few years back Oleg broke LinkedIn when he forecast 2018 would be the year that killed the recruitment industry.


Fast forward to today and the industry’s moving into its strongest, biggest and most professional age - but technology is accelerating the rate of change shadowing the industry.


It’s hardly the first time recruitment has been earmarked for death, but in the same way that LinkedIn, job boards and social media didn’t eclipse us, neither will automation and AI.


This is a future proof career that is becoming increasingly attractive.


If we were a static unmoving industry that had stayed still in 2016, we’d still be here delivering the critically human element of recruitment.


People want to talk to people.


But, we’re not an industry that stands still - we’re continuously developing and at the forefront of innovation.


Recruitment has become a more accurate, scientific, sought after skill that’s weeding out the job fillers that gave the industry a bad name.


In an incredibly noisy market how do you reach those that aren’t looking on LinkedIn, job boards or checking their inboxes?


There’s a thousand reasons recruitment can’t be an algorithm and Oleg probably didn’t account for GDPR’s arrival back then either.


Would people prefer an unsolicited inmail from Microsoft’s Tay, or, a drink with someone they know that understands their career goals and personal circumstances and can advise them on both?



Technology That Works for Recruiters


Automation, technology and outsourcing are your friends and will remove the labour intensive tasks that grind recruiters down.


According to HubSpot, 75% of sales staff spend an hour each day on data management - not to mention the time spent reporting or sitting in unuseful performance reviews.


Our own use of cube19 streamlines the time our team spend pulling reports, logging their activity, navigating CRMs and improving their performance.


“We enable recruiters to bill more, make more and go further.”

Technology is communicating information much quicker and breaking down the old silos so that recruiters have access to all the information they need.


We also use telephony platforms like CloudCall, to connect your time on the phone with our CRM. It means you don’t have to trawl a database to find that old touchpoint or log the call.


We have video software to accelerate screening, fintech platforms to remove contract admin and behind all that - we have skilled recruiters that understand how to recruit on the frontline of a tech age.


Basically, we’re here to stay.


A better article might have been, why the recruitment industry will outlast the Daily Mail...