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Fixing Broken KPIs and Unachievable Targets

Author: Toby Babb

Published date: 2018/06

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They say the definition of madness is repeating the same thing over and over but expecting different results.


Yet many in the recruitment sector continue to tackle poor results by pouring more into the pot and cracking the whip harder.


Targets are far more achievable when you know exactly what’s stopping you achieving them.


The truth is, most KPIs are built on rocky data from CRMs, or company goals that are set with a loose finger in the air.  


At Harrington Starr, we really believe that technology is there to enable recruiters to work smarter, develop quicker and deliver more.


We enable you to be better and go further by working with technology.


It’s why we’ve invested in the industry’s leading platforms to drastically improve the performance of our recruiters and in-turn, the agency.


  • We mobilised our data and use cube19’s performance science to boost our recruiters abilities and map more accurate KPIs.
  • LinkedIn Recruiter to unlock more from the platform and grow networks quicker.
  • Broadbean, Sourcebreaker, Bullhorn and several others to accelerate the sourcing, screening and management process of finding talent.
  • Hinterview as a video software platform for accelerating the screening process and for easier comms with candidates and clients.
  • We use Sonovate’s platform to remove the headache of contract admin and invoicing so our recruiters can spend more time earning.
  • We cemented a global brand with innovations in social media, sharing our own interview series and partnered with companies like Hoxo Media and HubSpot.

We believe that we’re successful when you’re succeeding, and you’re earning far more when your targets are achievable and you have the best tools at your disposal.



Know Where You’re Heading

Anybody that believes their staff aren’t interested in how they’re performing within the company, or where the agency is heading, is either leading the wrong people or in the wrong role.


Flying blind from company performance stops teams moving forward together, it also means there’s little chance of employees becoming advocates of the business.


Harrington Starr is all about transparency, opportunity and growing together through each other’s success.


Technology makes this easier than ever, which is why we continue to future proof our business as the industry’s leading adopter of technology.