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Energetic dynamic training to maximise regular retention of what you are delivering.

Author: Anthony Mills

Published date: 2018/06

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A Good training structure within a work-place is key to up-skill or indeed fine tune existing good habits, controlling time wasting habits, refresh and avoid cruise control daily work.

With experience in teaching or training in a challenging environment, in my experience it is always key to gain constant focus of an audience. The old school, copy down what I write down on the board doesn’t stick for the majority. However, engagement with live tasks and explanations sink the message in further with participants remembering the session will enhance the learning process. 

Energy injected into the delivery of training provides elevated levels of attention and alertness. The flatter you are and the less interaction with those around you, only serves to offer the gallery an opportunity to drift off and not remain engaged.

Making training relevant for the individual, taking the time to understand each employee’s strengths and weaknesses is also a major factor to a successful learning path. No full room is ever the same, but with the attitude of some who will take information away....why not strive for all to?

It is also dependent on the attitude of those attending your training set up; how do you gain that initial energetic attendance? How do you motivate those experienced consultants? I feel a shorter intense burst with a recap on relevant topics are better. A quick generic refresher is additionally beneficial with the attitude of never being too ignorant to learn or improve your current knowledge, irrespective of experience.

Does the prospect of the word “training” provide an inner groan or a get-up-and-go boost of energy? How do you jazz it up? How do you alter the mindset when walking into a training session? Putting responsibility onto those you are training with, make it different, creativeness, and think outside the box. Why does it need to be sitting down in a room? Why not make it active? When appropriate don’t be afraid to add a personality to it. 

Another question: does the addition of phones distract those in a room? Has learning with a 2018 habit of two minutes from one’s phone withdrawal systems again effect engagement? Find a way to use it positively or get rid all together. 

A great lesson learnt from Harrington Starr, the more work you put into an employee, with a dedication to monitoring of activity, but a continuous positive injection and expectation, with a proven process and alterations to tailor to individuality will provide each colleague the best possible platform to deliver at their full potential.

An engine can be working hard, but there’s a different between 1970’s Ford Pinto and a Rolls Royce engine when going through the gears.