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Why We Hired a 35 Year Old with No Recruitment Experience

Author: Toby Babb

Published date: 2018/05

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The short answer is with us he’ll make an excellent recruiter.

It might be an industry that’s known for having few barriers to entry but how many agencies are being tunnel visioned in their attitude towards hiring senior talent?


A few years under your belt working for a top tier agency and running a desk simply means that you’ve had more opportunity to develop your skills and learn the trade.


It’s true that you’ll be quicker to turn a profit, but it doesn’t necessarily qualify you to be among the next 1% of top recruiters.


Too many agencies are quick to discount those that fall over the 30 bracket without direct experience. Those from outside a sales background. Those that don’t fit the recruitment mould.


Some agencies might not have the resources or time to dedicate away from sales to L&D, which is why they want recruiters arriving ready to bill.


At Harrington Starr, we want to create excellence, which often means opening our search outside of the typical recruitment ladder.


We’re focussing on the grain of the individual and how investing in developing them could make them the top billers, managers and leaders of tomorrow.


Our approach to hiring is more like that of custom mechanics building from potential rather than picking a model from a showroom.


When you’re growing a culture of excellence you hire those with the raw abilities to be the best… we can teach, train and develop the rest.


An 800-page manual, mentorship and an incubator of different skills with continual development at its heart makes Harrington Starr a breeding ground for this.


This is also an industry with a highly accomplished, but also, hugely transferable skill set. We look past what you’ve done to focus on what you could do for us and what we can do for you.


It’s why our overriding concern in screening new recruits always comes back to the individual.


I recently spoke about some of our strongest billers that hail from careers in interior design, brokerage, sports and military circles.


This is a company where excellence is celebrated, continuously developed and always rewarded.