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When Recruiters Aim for the Stars and get Burnt by the Sun

Author: Toby Babb

Published date: 2018/05

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Thresholds, OTEs, Commission and a sobering dose of reality...


When recruiters go to interview, they can be sold the promise of £100k plus earnings with one hand and tied to a substantially lower income by unachievable OTEs with the other.


Make sure you know what’s a financial fantasy and where a role is going to allow you to grow to your full potential.


Is the company ceiling too low for you and how transparent is the pay package?


Do your research…


If you’re interviewing with recruiters you’re sitting down with trained sales heads that know how to gift wrap a role.


Look at what’s being suggested, what’s being promised, and where the proof of those that work at the company affirms this.


Don’t be sold to.


Reputation, former employees and current staff are the best insight into a company, which is why we let ours speak for us.


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We know that our remuneration package is within the top five percentile of the industry and that we offer much more than just an income to our hires.


We offer a career, continuous development and a lifestyle playing at the top of the industry.


When commission goes wrong


Good recruitment thrives on competitiveness but poor commission structures create a race to the bottom from sandbagging, client fencing and tactics to boost your monthly wedge.


Ultimately, the service suffers and the client loses.


Commission is the cornerstone of recruitment but it’s there to incentivise excellence and not replace it with tactics. That’s one way to unravel a strong brand.


At Harrington Starr we firmly believe in stronger delivery together. If you have the right team in place you don’t need split commission.

That might not be the case for all agencies and we’re not professing a one-size-fits-all, but teamwork is more than just a buzzword at Harrington Starr.


Underneath all the language about teamwork, our values and work ethic reflect this.


Top billers are great for an agency but as a team we’re far stronger than any individual, which is why we’re an industry leading agency.


Good work pays


If you want to develop and retain excellence you have to reward it accordingly. The ceiling has to be removed and the ladder custom built for each candidate.


Whether that’s pay, growing a team like a business, international opportunities, sector specialising, management or however you see career progression.


Make it happen at Harrington Starr.