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Is Excellence Contagious in Recruitment?

Author: Toby Babb

Published date: 2018/04

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Yes, but only in the right setting.


When you look at the likes of Rolex, the SAS or Google, you find a legacy of employees that have gone on to become exceptionally high performers and leaders.


Their alumni become something of a movement in their respective industries.


You could put that down to the intense breeding ground built on performance, the screening process, those leading them, or the success of others that open the doors for the many.


For me, being surrounded by that level of talent creates an incubator of success that drives individuals to greater levels.


If you choose to take it.


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As recruiters, we work in a nomadic profession, but the best agencies grow together and turn the melting pot of skills into an opportunity for learning that they can leverage.


How many top billers and agency owners out there can recall that figure of influence, or rival, that was instrumental in progressing their career?


Almost all the greats have mentors or peers that have helped define them. Those that have driven them to the heights they’re capable of.  


What would Tyson be without Cus? Ovett without Coe? Would Zuckerberg be as successful as he is today without his weekly meetings with Jobs?


It’s why culture, environment and the collective are so important and too often overlooked among recruitment brands. Get these pillars right and you create a breeding ground for excellence. A hive of recruitment success.


At Harrington Starr, we’re dedicated to a culture of continual development and improvement. When we go to hire we’re looking to build the managers of tomorrow, the directors of next week, the leaders of the future.


It’s why my overriding concern in screening new recruits comes back to the individual. At Harrington Starr we invest in people, their profession comes second and their recruitment experience is a final consideration.


Because recruitment can be taught, if you’re willing to learn. Excellence comes from a mindset, a habit and the people that are around you to nurture it.


Every agency loves a top biller but the success of a business sits in the performance of the team, not the individual. Are you Top Biller or a Manager?


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