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Solving the curse of the elusive job promotion

Author: Toby Babb

Published date: 2018/03

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When does the promise of promotion become a curse? The answer is when it never materialises.

The “curse of the elusive job promotion” is prevalent throughout the recruitment sector. And, while that may sound like a mystery for Miss Marple, the career progression puzzle many try to solve is less whodunit and more whogotit. The spurned consultant may try to forensically examine:

  • Secrets surrounding the successful candidate’s identity.
  • Relationship connections with the decision maker.
  • Hidden clues in their career path.
  • Connections with the usual suspects.

But the truth is more fact than fiction. In most cases, the strongest clues to a flawed promotion policy are others who tell you they’ve been passed over and managers who are clearly in unsuitable positions.

That story is always going to have an unhappy ending.

At Harrington Starr, we adopt a different approach to career progression. One that ensures you have a clear and successful path to professional fulfilment. The business is a pure meritocracy.

You also benefit from a Learning and Development Programme that is amongst the most detailed and thorough in the industry. Embracing our value of Kaizen, we look to continuously improve and have invested heavily in our L&D programme.

Features include:

  • A 30-module HSUP (Harrington Starr University Programme) training course for new starters with an 800-page manual and video learning tool. This encompasses classroom training, mentoring, workshops, and role-plays, and culminates in a dissertation.
  • An MBA programme to build leadership and advanced skills for our senior consultant and management teams including group learning and classroom sessions.
  • An innovative infographic bible illustrating the key features of the recruitment process.
  • Monthly sessions throughout the business with Simon Hartley, the world-leading sports psychologist and elite business performance coach, and other expert leaders from MI5, polar explorers, Red Arrows, and more.
  • “Train 2 Win Programme” and "Brilliant Basics" training throughout the whole business.

One of the key areas that differentiate Harrington Starr is that we are hiring future leaders in every consultant that we take on. We are looking to grow into a global brand and our strategy remains to organically develop all of our managers and directors.

Thanks to our development programme, you have every opportunity to realise your potential and gain promotion when you are ready for the step up.


Building a world-class leadership team

We are a highly ambitious company who are committed to growth both domestically and internationally and, if you join us, there is every chance you will become one of the leaders of our international businesses, new brands and market sectors.

The career development programme is clear with regular reviews and set objectives to move through in a uniform manner. Our commitment is to ensure that results, values and strong ethics see you develop continuously through the business.

We are working to build a world-class leadership team that has been grown through providing opportunities to all those who have contributed to the journey.

There is no career progression mystery at Harrington Starr and when a future promotion becomes available, we will be delighted if it’s you “whogetsit”!


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