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Saying 'No' to split commission and 'Yes' to sharing success

Author: Toby Babb

Published date: 2018/01

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The great Henry Ford said: “Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

At Harrington Starr, we share the sentiment and belief more succinctly with: “Your Success, Our Business.”

A key element of that success – for our team and clients – is we DO NOT do split commission!

No, Na, Non, Nein, Net, Nej … no matter what language, split commission is not in our vocabulary.

When you’re working with us, you speak about:

  • Teamwork.
  • Celebrating each other’s success.
  • Equal opportunities.
  • If one wins – we all win.

And that Esprit de Corps is reflected in our values along with Positivity, Excellence, Execution, and Kaizen.


Life-changing pay cheques

It’s what makes Harrington Starr a great place to work. This “together we're stronger” attitude also means the only competitors are outside our business – inside we’re positive collaborators.

By comparison, split commission is disruptive and divisive.

Our teams work together for the benefit of each other and the clients, allowing each person to perform better – and feel much more fulfilled – as a result.

You are also well rewarded. We have looked to ensure that Harrington Starr provides a remuneration package that is in the top 5% of anywhere in the industry.

Operating with no threshold, as one of our consultants you have the opportunity to earn up to 40% commission on all that you bill.

There is no ceiling and we are keen to see you receive life-changing pay cheques. By adopting this approach at Harrington Starr, we consistently achieve:

  • More opportunities.
  • More jobs filled.
  • More interviews.
  • More income for everyone

Further, as one of our team, you need to bring an appetite for more than doing a great job. To recognise strong performances, we hold lunch and supper clubs at the best and most exclusive restaurants in the City.

You can gain extra holiday days after achieving set performance targets and we are working on a unique incentive programme to reward strong results, living values and, teamwork.


Helping to fulfil your ambitions

We have looked to create an environment that people love coming to and we see our clients’ success as our business. One way we achieve this is by helping to fulfil your career ambitions.

And don’t be put off if you’re talented but lacking experience. We’re looking for the best people and will help you to thrive through our Learning and Development Programme that is amongst the most detailed and thorough in the industry.

Also, everyone has a voice in the team. Quarterly innovation meetings, daily morning meetings, monthly “town halls” and daily access to leadership ensure that every idea is easily implementable and everyone is listened to.

All you have to do is say “Yes” to sharing success. Plus, as well as no split commission, there’s no politics, no fighting, and no bollocks!

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