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Recruitment - The Thin Line Between Partnership and Pest

Author: Dominic Worthington

Published date: 2017/11

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The IT recruitment market in particular, is one of the most saturated markets for professional recruitment, with thousands of start-up recruitment companies every year. I wanted to write a short note about how Harrington Starr propose a recruitment partnership to our clients as opposed to a service which will cost you more time when trying to hire somebody!

So how do the top agencies such as Harrington Starr create a real partnership with clients?

Engaging and realistic expectations

Top agencies will understand the marketplace and challenges of their client, and will be honest and candid around them. Enabling both the recruiter and client to set realistic expectations for the search.

Long-term partnership approach

HS will always value a long-term relationship over a short-term win, in recruitment real partnerships take years to forge and a strong partnership works in both ways. For the client, they will dramatically reduce the time-to-hire and for a lot of internal HR/rec teams that is essential. For the agency, the consultants are getting more “in-depth” knowledge of the client and that will increase delivery accuracy.

Full transparency of delivery

Lots of clients wonder how they “rank” on an agencies client list, and fear that their candidates will be the “second class” candidate of better clients of the agency. Harrington Starr will deliver top candidates to all our clients, no matter how much business we do together.