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Black Friday Job Searching

Author: Dominic Worthington

Published date: 2017/11

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With the Black Friday fast approaching, the rush for the big deals just a couple of days away. The stores are readying themselves for massive queues and heightened security to ensure the safety of shoppers is first on the list. Personally, I can’t think of anything worse: huge queues, people pushing and shoving their way to a new TV or games consoles and the same can be said of the job market in early 2018.

So how can you avoid the queues and congestion of the job market?

The 6 P’s

Proper Planning and Preparation, Prevents Poor Performance

It is essential that you plan your job search well to give yourself the highest possible chance of success as the market is very much candidate-driven, currently.

So, my advice to you is this….

As we approach the festive period, large parts of the market (recruiters/candidates) have a mind-set to down tools and focus on the bubbly and pick up the search in January. Most people are sheep and you should be the shepherd

This is a great time to pick up the pace with your search and secure that new role ready to start the New Year on a high, in a new position. So, have a clear picture in your mind of the companies you would like to speak to and the sector you wish to be in. For example, this may be with a competitor or client of your current company? In this case, it’s important to consider any potential contractual complications or non-competes.

We all have the same 24 hours in a day so make sure you keep up the pace with your search until you secure that next challenging role, while your competition are sleeping.