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The Reasons Why Workplace Dress Codes Matter

Author: Scott Richardson

Published date: 2017/10

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Dressing for the workplace is pretty cut and dry amongst the majority of businesses. Business attire usually consists of suit and tie and this seems to be the convention when dressing for work.

Not all business subscribe to these traditional ideals and many companies and even industries are swaying in favour of a less formal and relaxed approach to their dress code. The City is perhaps the biggest indicator of times changing, one rarely sees the traditional bowler hat and umbrella which was the former staple of anyone working in the heart of London. Statement ties and socks for the men and smart, tailored outfits for the women have replaced the former City ‘uniform’.

This can be a way of reflecting the way they like to do business or can be a way to create a more comfortable environment for their employees. Regardless of this, it still remains important to dress appropriately for work.

Looking and feeling the part

It is important that you dress as if you care. What you wear to work gives off an impression to both your colleagues and your clients but it can also have a significant impact on your confidence, your poise and how you carry yourself. The reason we wear smarter clothes to a meeting or an interview is to make us more professional, credible, more assertive and even more self-assured.

Impressing the team 

Everyone wants to be taken seriously at work – it is important that you dress for the job that you want to be doing! Look at the senior people within your business – how do they dress and present themselves? Follow their lead. What you wear can immediately change the atmosphere of the office and how you are perceived by your peers.

Visual Uniformity

Making sure that everyone in the workplace meets the standard dress code expectations not only creates an atmosphere of professionalism, it can also create visual uniformity. This is particularly the case when the employer specifies what is and isn’t workplace appropriate. Visual uniformity in the workplace helps customers identify employees and is a way of subtly promoting the impression of “being a team”.


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