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    The Humans of FinTech Podcast | Matthew Jackson, VP of Relationship Management at Freemarket

    Welcome back to another episode of the Humans of FinTech Podcast. Joining Nadia in The DEI Discussions Studio is Matthew Jackson, VP of Relationship Management at Freemarket.Matthew retraces his journey through FinTech, sharing why he chose to join Freemarket- a move which compliments his mission-driven approach to the industry. No two career journey's through FinTech are the same, but Matthew reminds us there should be a basis to the talent experience that is applicable to everyone, irrespective of background. We are reminded of the importance of attracting a greater diversity of people to the industry, broadening our reach and embracing the less traditional- a move that shall only empower the marketplace.In addition to reinventing hiring practices, the pair discuss what more we can do to make the industry more inclusive. With an industry that is geared towards an exceptional future, we need to ensure more people are aware and exposed to the opportunities are out there. Irrespective of your technological abilities, or previous knowledge of finance, everyone has a role to play in this new era; we need to ensure everyone feels safe to be part of this, and in an environment where they can express new ideas without judgement.We also gain an exclusive look at Freemarket and the work they are doing to enhance the employee experience. With an impressive array of support networks and refreshing approach to culture, they are truly establishing a new standard.Stream or watch the full episode below.YouTubeSpotifyAppleBuzzsprout​Learn more about Freemarket here.Contact Matthew and the team today here: hello@wearefreemarket.comThank you Matthew for joining us on The Humans of FinTech Podcast!​

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    FinTech Connect 2022

    ​The team descended on the Excel Centre for an incredible two days at FinTech Connect!We had the brilliant opportunity to record episodes of The DEI Discussions and FinTech Focus TV on-site in their exclusive media lounge. We were able to host a brilliant array of guests, covering all industry verticals, and bringing a wealth of pressing discussions to the table.Recording over 20 podcasts, the conversations covered industry matters such as: the centrality of people in a technology-focused environment; the need to understand our financial digital identity; The Era of Convergence and unlocking the opportunities that will bring; the crash of FTX; and the parental experience in financial services.Stay tuned as we release exclusive episodes of The DEI Discussions and FinTech Focus TV, featuring the likes of:Suresh Vaghjiani, CEO of CLOWD9Emma Landriault, Product Lead at ScotiabankSohail Raja, Head of Electronic Execution Platforms, Global Markets at Societe GeneraleAnette Broløs, Director and Founder of Finthropology

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    How FinTech Changes Lives | FinTech Focus TV with Rodney Williams, Co-Founder SoLo Funds & LISNR

    On this episode of FinTech Focus TV, Toby is delighted to welcome Rodney Williams, Co-Founder SoLo Funds & LISNR to the show. Rodney tells us how his background in branding unconventionally led him to his unique solution for short-term lending. And the journey since then has been equally eye-opening. From organic growth to future-proofing the business, Rodney has created a firm that is redefining what's next for financial services. SoLo Funds has created a marketplace for borrowers and lenders to come together. It is truly an incredible community-orientated firm disrupting the industry. But getting to this point hasn't always been a linear journey. Rodney talks about the challenges they have experienced since they raised money, understanding his target audience, what he has learned from regulators, and how he deals with the ever-present stigma in the space. Thank you Rodney for joining us on this episode of FinTech Focus TV!Stream or watch the full episode below.YouTubeSpotify​AppleBuzzsprout​

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    The Best Workplace For Talent Investment | The Top 1% Workplace Awards

    ​Celebrating the most exceptional firms across the financial services space, The Top 1% Workplace Awards returned in 2022, showcasing an even greater plethora of innovative brilliance than ever before.The Best Workplace for Talent Investment Award is given to a firm that is committed to empowering each employee through the talent journey, ensuring skillsets are elevated; psychological safety and open discussions are the norm; personal wellbeing is prioritised; and equipping employees with the tools to confidently deliver on all manner of projects.Congratulations to the entire team at FINBOURNE Technology on being the recipients of The Best Workplace for Talent Investment Award! The judging panel applauded your outstanding work, noting the honesty, authenticity and refreshing realism that ran throughout your talent investment strategy."The realism that underpins FINBOURNE's approach to talent investment strategy is like no other. Acknowledging that each professional tenure at FINBOURNE must come to an end, the team are highly motivated to ensure each person leaves with an even greater skillset and marketplace awareness than when they joined. The talent journey at FINBOURNE is experience rich and the opportunities for progression are unmatched. Looking at the firm more holistically, we are confident FINBOURNE will only go from strength-to-strength as they invest in a team that is on a limitless growth journey."We must also extend our applause to those highly commended in the category; congratulations to Bloomberg and Delta CapitaThe judging panel commented that Bloomberg, "have a clear and industry-leading approach to talent investment. The opportunities to engage with the best technology, marketplace participants and industry excellence are boundless. With a clear recognition that brilliant people drive Bloomberg's global success, it comes as no surprise that talent investment is consistently high on the agenda for the firm."And when Delta Capita, the judges noted that, "with an infectious entrepreunerial spirit running throughout the business, each employee at Delta Capita is a given a catalyst to reach new heights and achieve personal and company-wide goals. Their value-driven approach to talent investment ensures every single person is a given a stake in the success of Delta Capita, no matter their seniority, background, or vertical."Congratulations once again to FINBOURNE Technology on winning The Best Workplace for Talent Investment Award; and to Bloomberg and Delta Capita for their highly commended status in this category.You can view the full results of The Top 1% Workplace Awards by downloading your free copy of The Financial Technologist

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    Nadia's Families of FinTech Podcast | Barbora Juhaszova

    Welcome to another episode of The Families of FinTech. Today, Nadia is joined by the wonderful Barbora Juhaszova, Global Digital Marketing Lead at SAP Fioneer.Since the birth of her son, Barbora has been passionate about the support that should be given in the aftermath of birth and the return to work. In today's episode, she shares her thoughts on how companies can be more inclusive and supportive of new parents.Barbora shares, "let’s not forget that it takes two to become a parent; I don’t think in 2022 we should expect women to still take on the brunt of the responsibilities that come with having a child." This is a great episode which we hope many of you will be inspired by. Thank you, Barbora for sharing your passion for inclusion for parents!Stream the full episode on your chosen platform below.​SpotifyAppleBuzzsprout

  • The Latest Issue
    The Financial Technologist | The Top 1% Workplace Awards 2022

    As another year of unparalleled innovation and disruption draws to a close, we celebrate those driving this transformative movement in the final edition of The Financial Technologist for 2022. The Top 1% Workplace Awards are the feature piece of this magazine, showcasing marketplace brilliance; exploring everything from exceptional cultures, to leadership, and focussing in on the phenomenal technology teams driving the financial services evolution.This year we received a record number of applications for the awards- and as such, we are exposed to a greater spectrum of what it means to be part of the Top 1% of our industry. Congratulations to everyone recognised in The Top 1% Workplace Awards- you are truly establishing a new standard for excellence.Also featured in this edition are a host of industry insights that guide us through the changes, growth and challenges of 2022- and attuned predictions for 2023.Download your free copy of The Financial Technologist now to discover the winners of The Top 1% Workplace Awards, and engage with the latest Financial Services news and thought leaders.Download The Financial Technologist

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    Nadia's Women of FinTech Podcast | Kate Wilson, Global Head of Consumer Credit Deposits and Payments at RFI Global

    Joining Nadia in the studio for this episode of the ground-breaking Women of FinTech Podcast is Kate Wilson, Global Head of Consumer Deposits and Payments at RFI Global.​Kate's tenure at RFI Global is well beyond the average often seen across our industry. We explore why Kate has stayed at RFI Global for over 10 years; from exposure and the opportunity to engage with a variety of roles, to the evolving growth-orientated culture, we gain an exclusive insight into the retention strategy at the company.The pair go on to discuss DE&I at industry events, sharing what it takes to empower voices often underrepresented in financial services panel discussions. Presenting and public speaking wasn't an inevitable engagement for Kate; but with the right support structures and positive training, Kate was elevated to feel comfortable as a public speaker. We gain insight into the further actions we can take to roll the latter approach out to the entire marketplace.And Kate also reminds us of the importance of ensuring our approach to inclusion is reflective- not one crafted by an isolated group. This will undoubtedly innovation in FinTech as we begin to speak to an inherently more diverse consumer-base.Kate's thoughts on family policies at companies is also highly revealing of the work we all still need to do to #walkthetalk for change across the entire industry.Thank you Kate for joining us on the Women of FinTech Podcast!Stream the Full Episode now on your chosen podcast platformhere.Apple Podcasts:Spotify:

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    Automating Finance with Corporate Quitters | FInTech Focus TV with Nick Root, CEO of Intergiro

    ​Welcome back to another episode of FinTech Focus TV. Today, Toby is delighted to be joined by the fantastic Nick Root, CEO of Intergiro.Nick's career started in banking where he worked at two of the world's oldest financial institutions, but for the last 6 years, he has taken the entrepreneurial route with Intergiro.A curiosity towards the endless potential of the internet–for example, cryptocurrency, Inter-Bank Fund Transfer (IFT), marketplaces, platforms, and "all the usual suspects"– led Nick and his colleagues to build an all-in-one platform offering multi-currency bank accounts, card issuing and card acquiring across Europe.Nick shares his gratitude for the corporate world and the lessons he learnt along the way. But, as a self-proclaimed misfit, Nick sought to use his technical knowledge to support his creative side and construct innovative new products and services. In this episode, he shares how he made his vision a reality and has accomplished running a remote-first business– even before the pandemic!You can watch or stream the full episode on your chosen platform below.YouTube​SpotifyAppleBuzzsprout​