Ryan Kennedy

Recruitment Consultant

Based in our Belfast Office, Ryan is part of our talented desk committed to growing and scaling data and analytics teams. Joining Harrington Starr to build upon his already brilliant skillset and expertise, Ryan is truly flourishing and delivering in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Given this competition, we asked Ryan what it takes to be a standout candidate:

“It’s about showing your passion for an area, rather than just your expertise. What have you done in your spare time to learn about latest technology or market trends? Are you proactive in personally extending your abilities and seeking out new developmental opportunities? Doing these things will make you stand out to a company and make you memorable during interviews.”

And on the flip side, what advice would you give to firms currently recruiting?

“Recruitment and interviewing are now much more of a two-way street; firms need to pitch their roles and company as candidates want to know much more about the company culture, progression and development opportunities. So, my piece of advice would be to sell the benefits of the role, your company and what the long-term plans are. This will ensure your firm is the clear choice for the candidate and leave them walking away from an interview feeling that they are wanted.”

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