Josh Craig

Principal Consultant

Josh is an integral member of our recruitment team at Harrington Starr, bringing with him a wealth of experience from the sales sector before making the transition in 2018. He found the recruitment industry to be a natural progression, relishing its intricacies and diverse challenges.

For those currently navigating their career paths, Josh advises investing time in tailoring CVs to specific roles they are genuinely passionate about. In his view, nothing can be assumed from a resume, and alignment with the role is key to success in a competitive job market. He encourages taking the leap, even if one doesn't meet all the criteria initially, as the right opportunity may be missed otherwise.

When it comes to standing out as a candidate, Josh emphasises the importance of honesty and communication. Being transparent about motivations and expectations provides consultants with the best foundation to facilitate an exciting and beneficial journey for the candidate. Communication, according to Josh, is a crucial factor that allows for adaptability throughout the process.

As for his decision to join Harrington Starr, Josh shares that the positive reputation and quality of hires associated with the firm compelled him to become a part of the team. In his experience, Harrington Starr sets itself apart not by a single element, but through a collective commitment to excellence. He emphasises genuine care for clients and candidates, highlighting that there are no pretenders in the business—just a group of good people consistently at the top of their game.

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