Adam Mills

General Manager - New York

Adam is a crucial part of our US team at Harrington Starr, contributing significantly to our operations in that country. With a passion for working with people, Adam found his way into the recruitment industry after relocating to Australia. Now, he envisions his career progressing towards overseeing multiple offices in the US.

When asked about his advice for those seeking their next career move, Adam emphasises the importance of consulting with a recruiter to strategically plan the transition. To stand out as a candidate, he advocates for proactivity, effective communication, thorough research on the desired position, and specificity in approach.

Adam joined Harrington Starr, attracted by the leadership and the opportunity to play a key role in expanding our presence in the US, with a focus on building and leading a successful team. He appreciates Harrington Starr's unique approach to fostering deep relationships with both candidates and clients, coupled with a profound understanding of the FinTech/FinServ market, showcasing our specialisation in the disciplines our consultants recruit in. Adam believes in the power of leadership, opportunity, and a tailored approach to career growth, making Harrington Starr the ideal place for his professional journey.

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