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STARR INSIGHTS: Presentation in every context is key when looking for a job

by Michael Paterson

Presentation is key for every step of your job hunt, if you are a seasoned job seeker or someone completely new to the search, how you market and present yourself to hiring managers or recruiters will determine how effective your search will be!

I’ve highlighted two very key areas below to make sure that you make your job search as effective as possible when it comes down to presentation. Whilst these aren’t revolutionary, it will highlight to you hopefully where you can be more effective!

CV presentation:

– Presenting your CV is the main point, recruiters and internal recruiters at all levels will, on average when conducting a search, view your CV for five to seven seconds before making a judgement (rightly or wrongly). However, when you have, in some cases, 100+ applications to get through, judgement calls are the most effective way to go.

– Ensuring your CV has a clear and concise font, staying away from tables and extreme formatting will all help to make your CV look clear and concise. What recruiters are looking for is how the CV flows and whether it displays the most important information such as companies you’ve worked for, job roles and responsibilities.

In-person presentation:

– When either meeting recruitment companies or for fully-fledged interviews, the first impressions really do matter. Smart and professional is the best way to display yourself.

I would welcome your thoughts! Hopefully these small notes will help.

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