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STARR INSIGHTS: Why tailor your CV for a specific role?

by Ryan Waters

I have had a number of candidates recently ask me the question: why should I tailor my CV for a specific job role?

We live in a world of high competition for each role and making your CV fit the potential employer’s requirement is essential. This does not mean that you put anything on your CV that isn’t true,  lying on a CV will not work either and will, at the very least, leave you in an awkward interview situation.

Most of us with 10 years or more work experience will have acquired different skills in our careers and would, on average, have had at least 3 different roles in that time. In particular, if you are a business analyst or project manager within the IT change space you would no doubt have worked on various projects over the last few years. If you are applying for a MiFID 2 regulations role or a system migration project role then that particular experience needs to be highlighted and brought to the hiring manager’s attention.

Hiring managers tell me on a daily basis that they simply do not have the time to read a candidates CV from cover to cover and will look at projects within the last couple of roles to assess suitability. If your relevant experience is hidden within a six page CV, it is more than likely that someone reading your CV will miss this and your chances of progressing to interview stage therefore become slim.
Sometimes people can get a little defensive when asked to change a CV, that is understandable. A lot of people are proud of their achievements and may have spent a considerable about of time writing their CV. However, from a recruitment perspective, we are just trying to give you the best chance of making your CV standout for a hiring manager.

In summary, being honest on your CV is essential but if you are applying for a role highlighting your skills in this area is paramount.

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