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STARR INSIGHTS: The “true” role you are interviewing for…

By Michael Paterson

As titles go, I will admit it’s quite a broad-one. It seems more and more in the competitive and important world of recruitment, that candidates are not doing their homework as much as they should before joining companies in specific roles and, as a result, end up making bad career decisions for the sake of not having the chance to ask questions through the interview process, or taking a recruiter’s word for it!

Recently, through a three month interview process (I know!), one of my candidates ended up taking another role he thought would be a better fit for his skills. Literally one week into his “career role” he has discovered that the role was completely mis-sold to him and through the interview process never got a real chance to ask the deep questions he should have. He has now asked me to re-approach my client and to see if there are any conversations to be had still, one month after he declined the offer.

Without admitting fault in any persons responsibility, it’s important for candidates in any interview process to really get a chance to express their questions and understand what a company is going to look like to work at, enabling a much more balanced vision.

It would be interesting to hear your thoughts, throughout a full interview process I really encourage candidates to ask as many “real life” type of questions as possible to make sure they are making a decision they won’t regret!

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