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STARR INSIGHTS: The social media competition continues

by Dom Worthington

The power of social media in 2017 is no secret and unlikely to slow down any time soon as we become increasingly attached to our mobile devices or laptops, mostly to search and sneak a peek at what others are doing via the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Job-sites far and wide would give anything to have the billions of subscribers that Facebook can boast and now that Facebook is showing their ruthless, competitive edge as they look to go after LinkedIn and Glassdoor and every other job-site to expand their dominance even further. In the coming days, companies will be allowed to post active jobs on their business pages and news feeds which will of course mean all the job-sites in that space will have to keep a close eye on who their loyal followers are using and where they are posting.

This addition to Facebook follows a survey which highlighted smaller businesses are still struggling to find the right people to hire, and surprisingly this came above finding new customers and getting sales. Businesses will be able to direct message applicants through messenger for fast and easy contact.

Businesses will also be able to pay to boost the reach of their listings to specific demographics. Listings will also show up in the News Feed for people who have liked a business’s page.

This new move from the social media giant will add real structure to the job searching function and enable them to capitalise on the behavior that was already happening on its network, and of course raise the stakes in the job-site space.

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