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STARR INSIGHTS: The return of the analytical reasoning test

by Ryan Waters

Analytical reasoning tests have become fashionable again and they are back for the foreseeable future, according to many of our clients. A few years ago, employers would put potential new recruits through a test of some description to appraise candidates’ verbal reasoning or numerical reasoning, usually with nothing more than a piece of paper and a pen. Technology has moved forward, of course, and these tests are now readily available online and are becoming a significant part of the hiring process, once again.

The reason that these tests are becoming more popular, according to one particular client, is that these tests can sometimes fill some perceived gaps in a potential employee’s skills, their ability to evaluate written questions and their understanding of tables of statistical and numerical data, as well as the ability to make logical deductions that competency-based interviews do not.

These tests are just as important as any interview and employers could rule out any candidate who scores poorly on these analytical reasoning tests. Depending on the role you are applying for, you could potentially have to take a technical and analytical test during the process. My advice to any candidate who has one of these tests coming up is to practice! You can find many ‘SHL style’ tests online and getting used to the types of questions is imperative. You may think this will be straight forward but they can be tricky if you haven’t done one before.

Not all employers will get candidates to do this but there is definitely a growing trend that suggests these tests are back. I expect more and more clients to start bringing these into the interview process so be warned and prepare for these like you would any interview to give yourself the best chance to pass. The worst scenario is that you lose a job offer over a failed analytical test and usually, there is no chance of a retake test or any turning back on the company’s decision not to move your application forward.

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