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STARR INSIGHTS: Spa 24 Hour’s 2017 – Slow and steady, and how that relates?

By Michael Paterson

The 2017 Spa 24 Blancpain GT3 race was held at the end of July this year with a record 62 car field, thundering around the historic and frankly one of the best racing circuits in the world. This race is more than 11 times longer (in-time) than an F1 sprint race and is a real challenge for all the teams involved.

The race started off with a leading #55 Kaspersky Ferrari 488 GT3, followed by the #63 Grasser Huracan that was leading the race together. The Huracan crashed after suffering a wheel and braking problem and about 12 hours into the race, the Ferrari crashed out in what was an incident which could have been avoided easily due to driver error, all the work leading the race for 12+ hours disappearing in the blink of an eye.

The race went on, five minute time penalties were being given out by the FIA race stewards for cars not respecting track limits (basically, running too far off kerbs in order to carry as much speed as possible).

These penalties were critical at the finish, as it turned out the race was won by only 20 seconds from second place (with the 2nd and 3rd place car having clocked up over 5 minutes more penalties than 1st place) and the 5th place Porsche having clocked up 15 minutes penalties in the race, meaning they would have won the race with ease if they had perhaps been a bit less aggressive on the track!

So, I guess the question you’re asking yourself is: How does all of this refer back to me? What’s the point of this blog? Well the way I interpret it (in a word and career-sense), you always have to have your eyes open to the final goal (however far away, the actions and small steps you want to take to get there), if you over-push yourself you may end up failing very quickly and the balance is to keep the target (or end-goal) in sight whilst remaining committed and critically not taking any chances or cutting any corners as in the long-run this could slow you down effectively.

It would be great to get your thoughts, and any other points you have got to from some great sporting events?

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