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STARR INSIGHTS: Is it possible to maintain a perfect work/life balance?

by Ryan Waters

Having worked in the city for over 10 years, I see 12 hour days as pretty standard, but with more people trying to achieve that work life balance I’d like to see if it is possible to find that perfect balance?

In the current climate, with more pressure to stay ahead of your competition and keep your employer happy, people are working longer hours with a 24/7 attitude. However, I am speaking to candidates on a daily basis who mention that work/life balance is in their top 3 requirements in career/job change.

Work/Life balance can mean very different things from one person to the next. With this in mind I think it’s important to understand that to achieve a perfect work/life balance, you need to map out exactly what’s important to you in your home life with clear objectives in your working day.

I think everyone will agree work plays a huge role in our lives; it pays the mortgage, makes the car payment and holidays, etc. Having the right mind-set allows you to enjoy the fruits of your labour rather than resent the hours you put in.

Having a clear day-plan in place can help you achieve your daily tasks and goals within a specified timeframe can help reduce those long hours in the office. Working effectively and making the most of your time in the office by being fully focussed at work will maximise your office hours. Ultimately, not wasting time in working hours will free up evenings and weekends for your own time.

It is just as important to have time to switch off outside of the office for family or a gym session, for example, to recharge the mind and leave your time in the evening for something you really enjoy. This will keep your motivation levels high knowing that you have achieved inside and outside of the office.

A work/life balance can be difficult to achieve, but if you can find the balance and make the most of your time in and out of work then this will be the key to achieve harmony across them.

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