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STARR INSIGHTS: Is Britain reeling yet?

by Scott Richardson

It’s happened again…

Once again, the public have spoken and what they’ve said is in a language I can’t say I personally understand. On 8th June 2017, the nation was once again in charge as they were tasked with a General Election, one called three years early such was the perceived advantage held by the incumbent government, and what resulted has shocked the world.

For much of the free-thinking, Western World, the last 18 months has proved to be one of the most disruptive and trying times in living memory. The boulder was teetering on the edge of the precipice after the Brexit vote this time last year, began its descent after the US voted Donald Trump into Presidency and has been gathering momentum with the recent terror attacks across the UK, culminating in a shock election result leaving the country with a hung parliament.

Following the most recent attacks on London Bridge and Borough Market, the New York Times was heckled and lambasted by the British public for suggesting that Britain was ‘reeling’ from suffering three such attacks in as many months. We are far too resilient to be cowed by the few and we can always gain strength in our unfailing togetherness and unity.

A week later and the country is split down the middle…

Was all that talk just glossing over the cracks, then? Were we just putting on a brave face to the rest of the world whilst deep down we are wracked with turmoil and confusion? Who’s to say. The highest turnout of young voters suggests that some learnt their lesson from the maligned Brexit vote, however it has resulted in a similarly chaotic result.

Neither party were inspiring in their attempts to secure a majority with both campaigns more memorable for their succession of gaffes than for any inspiring mandates or battle-cries. One thing that is for sure is that there is nothing strong or stable about what we have been left with. The thought of another coalition is enough to make even the most ardent advocators shudder at the memories of the circus that was 2010.

But wait…All is not lost.

As the world looks on at what they perceive to be a punch-drunk fighter, clinging on to the last glimpses of consciousness having been beaten and battered for round after round. Almost waiting for the knock-out blow to put them out of their misery and end this punishment, Britain will however, undoubtedly, climb back to their feet. Aided by the ropes of humour and resilience and find a way to make this work. The famed (and in hindsight, potentially ill-advised) mantra of Rocky Balboa that he tells his son ring true:

“…it ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward; how much you can take and keep moving forward.”

And Britain will keep moving forward and roll our sleeves up until we are out of the mire and back on top. How long that will take will be almost exclusively left at the feet of whoever is left in Number 10.

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