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STARR INSIGHTS: How to make the right decision when moving jobs

by Ryan Waters

Deciding to leave your current employer for that dream role is a tough and often agonising decision. Here, I look at 5 things to take into consideration:

1. Don’t just move for financial gain.

I always advise against moving purely for financial gain. Obviously, we all work for money and the higher salary the better our lifestyle can be. However, moving just for a higher basic salary or bigger bonus can be dangerous. If you’re making the move simply for money, then it’s probably not the right job and I would wager that, more often than not, it won’t work out.

  1. Research and market map companies you would like to work for

Having a clear idea of the types of companies you would like to join will give you an excellent head start. Map your market understand what companies do and what those types of companies look for in people with your skill-set, if they do at all.

3. Have a clear idea of what’s important to you

I know this seems fairly obvious but have a clear idea of what is actually missing in your current role and what you need to see from a potential employer. Put a list together of your top 5 requirements from a new role and employer and use that as a reference point in your search.

4. Company Culture

Every company will have a different company culture and this is fairly easy to research as most companies will have a set of core values. Make sure these fit in well with your own and this will help differentiate between similar companies and roles.

5. Is the grass always greener?

Moving just because you think the grass is greener is always a mistake, have clear reasons for moving whether that be to learn a new skill or an upgrade on your current role is more important.

Ultimately, having clear reasons and goals as to what you are looking for and researching the types of organisations you would like to work for will help you make these important decisions. We are always happy to advise here at Harrington Starr so please get in touch

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