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STARR INSIGHTS: Driving forward in Fintech

By James Platt

We have seen a number of hires coming from the Fintech area, recently. This has been driven by changing markets and many Fintech businesses being able to realign themselves to this and capitalise on the market shift and ever-changing need of the consumer.

There has been a huge shift and rise in employment across sectors that seem to be thriving in this environment, let’s just look at the new wave of challenger banks and payment firms and we can’t leave out the rise of crypto-currencies and that’s just scratching the surface. We have seen these sectors grow exponentially over the last few years.

A report that Accenture released last year shows us the growth that has developed in this sector, citing: “Global investment in financial-technology (Fintech) ventures tripled from $4.05 billion in 2013 to $12.2 billion by the start of 2015, with Europe being the fastest growing region in the world.” The feral consensus is that this has only increased in the years since.

As with many aggressively growing industries, investment is crucial. For a lot of companies, their innovations wouldn’t be able to formulate to more than just an idea without the injection of funds from an angel investor or other source of cash. For others, investment acts as the boost needed to break away from the gravitational pull of “fledgling” stage to becoming a genuine disruptor and provide them with the necessary capita to build headcount and push boundaries required to grow.

The rise of Fintech has given us a world of possibilities to change the normality in the way in which we can go about business, this is massively important if we are going to be able to future-proof our businesses and make sure we are in the race with the constantly changing market.

Businesses can offer a number of products and more services than they would before. They are also able to offer this at a much lower cost than what it would be been historically possible.

Young businesses need to be at the forefront of this and making sure they are aware of the latest opportunities and developments within Fintech as this will only improve your business and help you stay at the forefront of your market driving your business forward

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