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STARR INSIGHTS: Continuous improvement always wins

by Michael Paterson

Personal success in any role and any industry is not always about pure talent, many would argue that to keep constantly moving forward in your career (again in any industry) is around Kaizen and continuous learning.

How can you ensure you are always challenging yourself to keep learning and improving?

– Take more responsibility

Taking responsibility over problems is a quick way to make yourself feel more confident with ‘alien’ situations and build up your personal confidence. This confidence will then be a staple hold for you to keep learning from, never be stable and always be looking to take on more responsibility!

– Think outside of the box and take chances

Problem solving and thinking and not being afraid to give ideas which are a bit different. If you can push and think about solutions outside of the normal ‘box’ then you are clearly taking a chance but also doing something your competitors might not be doing!

– Don’t be scared to get things wrong

Failing is learning, getting things wrong is learning. One of the quickest ways to adapt and learn in a new and constantly changing environment is making mistakes and ensuring to implement effective changes straight away.

Hopefully these help, it would be great to get your thoughts around what personal traits can be associated with continuous improvement?

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