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STARR INSIGHTS: MiFIDII – What happens next?

By Catherine O’Beirne For the past few months, our newsfeeds have been inundated with MifidII related articles and survey results. Vlog’s, speculations, you name it and I can guarantee that there is MifidII publication released in some format.  Some of the leading bodies within the Fintech space have voiced their opinions on the ‘now’ and […]

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STARR INSIGHTS: What’s needed to become a winner

By Dom Worthington My focus here is on winning, and what is required to win in any walk of life? I have recently been watching a series called ‘Last Chance U’. The series focuses on all aspects of the American football program at East Mississippi Community College, based in a small town called Scooba, Mississippi […]

STARR INSIGHTS: AI and Robotics…Is it the end for the Human Race?

By Ryan Waters Speaking with a number of clients there is a lot of conversations around AI, Robotics and their benefits. So, I am asking the question should we all be worried that we are going to be replaced by robots? There are plenty of examples of AI and Robotics creeping into the Financial Services […]

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