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STARR INSIGHTS: People Leave Managers, Not Companies!

By Antonio Ciarleglio Whenever I ask the question ‘’why do you want to leave your company?’’, the reply I often hear is that they find their manager very difficult to work with. We have all heard the same comment from family members, friends or colleagues about being unhappy with their manager. We may have also […]

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STARR INSIGHTS: Can you guess who the top 10 paying Hedge Funds are?

By Harriet Lamplugh de Smith The vast majority of large UK based Hedge Fund have had to drop the salaries they offer for their rank-and-file employees. Many have protected the remuneration of their senior staff whilst several have struggled to replicate revenues of those previous years. A recent analysis of the latest accounts of the […]

STARR INSIGHTS: Black Friday job searching

By Dominic Worthington With the Black Friday fast approaching, the rush for the big deals just a couple of days away. The stores are readying themselves for massive queues and heightened security to ensure the safety of shoppers is first on the list. Personally, I can’t think of anything worse: huge queues, people pushing and […]

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