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14 to Watch in 2014: FinTech’s Most Impressive Start-Ups and Disruptors

14 to Watch in 2014: FinTech Start-Ups and Disruptors

2014 looks set to be another year of innovation and growth for the FinTech sector. Our predictions have been dominated by exciting technology advancements in the Cloud, Data and Mobile, and some outstanding companies have emerged to compete in these areas.

A feature of recent years has been the sector’s ability to create brilliant technologists with the confidence to capitalise on the changes in the market to create some truly exceptional and disruptive new businesses.

We’ve selected the Start-Ups and Disruptors that we believe will be making a significant impact in the months ahead. Here are our 14 to watch in 2014:

1.       Aquis Exchange:

A well-publicised launch last year for this Exchange that brings a “revolutionary new pricing model to pan European Equities Trading.”

2.       Cloud Margin:

Big year ahead for the “future of collateral management.”

3.       The Currency Cloud:

Helping to build your international payments business, the Currency Cloud team are well positioned to maximise their growth in 2014.

4.       Essentia Analytics:

Perfect timing to capitalise on the clamour for strong analytics and data in the year ahead.

5.       goHenry:

Helping children to become more responsible with their money. This brilliant FinTech idea has investment from two of the sector’s most successful entrepreneurs.

6.       Landbay:

Another primed to maximise perfect market conditions. The peer-to-peer investment platform that allows anyone to lend against secured property at high interest rates with as little as £100.

7.       Lend Invest:

Lend Invest are a perfectly placed business for extensive growth in 2014, disrupting the peer-to-peer lending market.

8.       Oink:

Oink has recently re-branded and look set to compete in the responsible money management for parents and families.

9.       Squawker Trading:

An excellent leadership team and ground breaking idea makes Squawker, the negotiation venue for sell side trading, one to watch.

10.   Stripe:

Mobile and web payments has been big news for some time and only set to grow in 2014. That makes Stripe well placed to grow on their considerable success to date.

11.   Stream Financial:

Ex- Barclays men Stephen Taylor and Gavin Slater have made positive moves in the back end of 2013 to set up a big year of investment. Watch this space.

12.   Tradable:

Very exciting year ahead for the App powered trading platform. Tradable is the first open trading platform that lets traders customize not just the look and feel, but the entire feature-set of their trading platform, with apps developed by third-parties.

13.   WeSwap:

Another pioneering peer-to-peer solution, this time capitalising on the strong currency exchange market.

14.   XPansion FTS:

Another great leadership team make XPansion FTS a business that can add much needed value to the Capital Markets Financial Services Technology consulting space.


The FinTech space in 2014 looks set to be dominated by innovation in payments, peer-to-peer lending, responsible finance, mobile, social, data, cloud and alternative trading. This is perfectly illustrated in this list of some genuinely exciting businesses to follow this year.

We love talking Start-Ups and have a brilliant network of some of the most active investors, and innovative technologists in the FinTech space. Have we left anyone off the list that we should be talking about? Who do you think are set to be the most disruptive names in the sector in the months ahead? Join the conversation on Twitter @harringtonstarr.

by Toby Babb


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